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PRCI's Submarine On-Bottom Stability software
IntelliCAD 8 by Autodsys

AGA/PRCI Submarine Pipeline Stability Analysis Software

The AGA/PRCI Submarine Pipeline Stability Analysis Software & Sub-Sea Pipeline Design Standard (AGA\PRCI-OBS) was developed by Halliburton Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR) under contract to the Pipeline Research Council International, Inc. (PRCI).

The AGA/PRCI-OBS is considered the world standard for the design and analysis of sub-sea pipelines. It features calculation of kinematics from 3-D irregular waves, several hydrodynamic  force models, models for partial burial, non-linear, time dependent interaction between pipeline and soil (sand and clay) and non-linear pipeline material properties (for boundary elements). This allows for detailed analysis of specific pipeline sections subjected to specified environmental conditions. The new release consists of three (3) levels with Level 1 being used for quick simplified analysis, Level 2 for comprehensive detailed deign and modeling and Level 3 for advanced and very complex subsea pipeline design modeling.

Level 1:

Used for quick and simplified analysis. It calculates the static stability of an un-trenched pipeline against lateral and vertical displacement under wave and current loading. Drag, lift, and inertial forces are considered along with the restraining effect of either cohesive or non-cohesive soils.

Level 2:

The AGA/PRCI-OBS Level2 is a design tool for on-bottom submarine pipelines, which calculates the submerged pipe weight to meet specified design criteria. The AGA/PRCI-OBS computer program is based on the use of non-dimensional parameters, which allows scaling of the environmental load effects, the soil resistance and the pipeline response (lateral pipe displacement).

Level 3:

The AGA/PRCI-OBS Level3 is a Finite Element Model (FEM) formulation, based on 2-D elements which solve, in the time domain, the equations of motion of the pipelines in the horizontal plane using small deflection theory, but accounting for bending deformation effects on axial forces.

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PRCI Submarine Pipeline Stability Analysis