Pipeline Toolbox Users Instructional Webinar

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February 21, 2017 9:00 - 12:00

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This 3 hour webinar provides an instructional summary of the user interfaces and support features for access and completion of the over 100 software applications and modules in the Gas and Liquid Editions of the Pipeline Toolbox.
For exclusive users of either edition knowledge of applications in the other edition will expand understanding of common issues.

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User Interface and Support Features
Twelve topics from procedures for entering application factors, obtaining information from the F1 key to researching the DOT Code.

Designing Pipeline System:

Applications in Gas Edition for System Design
------Eleven hydraulic equations
------Line design pressures and pipe specifications
------Pipeline compressors
------Meter and regulator station sizing
------Relief valve sizing and valve reactive force

Applications in Liquid Edition for System Design
------Six hydraulic equations
------Line Design pressures and pipe specifications
------Pipeline pumps
------Pump station piping calculations
------Relief valve sizing and valve reactive force

Application in Both Editions for System Design
------Allowable pipe span length
------Pipe anchoring
------Flume design
------HDD crossings
------Highway and railroad crossings not by HDD

Operating and Testing Measurements:

Applications in both Editions
------Hydrostatic Testing
------Weld Imperfection Assessment

Applications in Liquid Edition
------Liquid property calculations
------Wave speed in pipelines

Applications in Gas Edition
------Gas pipeline blowdown – 2 methods
------Gas line purging calculation
------Pack in a gas pipeline

Problem Prevention and Assessment:

Stress Analysis Applications
------Internal pressure per percent of SMYS
------Hoop & longitudinal stress
------Bending stress and deflection
------Linear thermal expansion
------Stress caused by fluid flowing around pipe
------Requirements to move unpressurized pipes
------API 1117 movement of in service pipelines
------Pipe blast module – blasting analysis
------Heavy loads crossing a pipeline
------Stresses on restrained or unrestrained gas and liquid line
------Liquid line surge analysis

Damage Analysis Applications
------Maximum impact load & penetration depth
------Potential impact radius and gas rupture analysis
------Accidental gas & liquid pipeline releases

Problem Corrosion
External Corrosion Control Direct Assessment Toolset
------Remaining Life of corroded anomalies & DCVG-%IR
RSTRENG for Windows
Applications for design of cathodic protection features

Applications for Polyethylene Pipe:

Design and loads on buried lines
HDD installation

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Wayne Wildenradt
Wayne Wildenradt, BSCE, Purdue University, MBA University of Wisconsin, Texas Professional Engineer. Mr. Wildenradt has global experience in the design, engineering, and project management for oil, gas, and refined product systems and components. In addition, Mr. Wildenradt was an Instructor of Pipeline Economics at the University of Texas School of Pipeline Technology for several years.

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