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Technical Toolboxes - Understanding Magnetic Particle Testinfg
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Understanding Magnetic Particle Testing

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The Magnetic Particle Testing Training is a three (3) hour training course for those interested in acquiring a comprehensive understanding of this test method. Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) is one of the most widely used Nondestructive Tests. It is usually performed in addition to a volumetric NDT. It is a quick and effective test for the detection of discontinuities at or very close to the surface of the object being examined. Fine ferromagnetic particles are applied to the surface of the magnetized parts and align themselves in areas of magnetic flux leakage – indicating the presence of discontinuities. This technique is limited to materials that can be magnetized and is suitable for a wide range of parts with various shapes and sizes. MT can be performed with portable equipment or stationary systems.

This course offers engineers, managers and technicians an understanding of the principals of MT, various techniques and equipment used in the performance of MT , the advantages of one technique over another, the evaluation and interpretation of discontinuities using MT, as well as an overview of the causes of false indications, non-relevant indications, inherent discontinuities, weld and forging discontinuities. A primer on codes, standards, reports and qualification and certification of NDT personnel are also presented. This training will better prepare you to understand the results from MT Testing and provide you with information necessary to ask pertinent questions regarding MT Testing results.

You may progress through the navigation free training concentrating on areas of most interest to you. Quizzes and a final exam are available but not mandatory.

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Understanding Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)
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