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Technical Toolboxes - Understanding Penetrant Testing
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Understanding Penetrant Testing

Price per Unit (piece): $295.00

The Understanding Liquid Penetrant Testing Training is a three hour and forty-five minute training course.

Penetrant Testing (PT) is very widely used to find surface discontinuities. Virtually any solid, nonabsorbent object can be examined with PT. This training covers the proper performance of penetrant testing, the different procedures and techniques and the evaluation of the results. Thorough demonstrations, clear and concise explanations of procedures and techniques appropriate to specific testing circumstances are presented.

This is the ideal program for engineers, managers, supervisors and technicians who will not be performing PT examinations but rely on information garnered from penetrant testing. The training discusses the logic behind the decision making of whether an indication is a false indication, non-relevant indication, or relevant indication and the reasoning behind concluding whether a discontinuity is an inherent discontinuity, a processing discontinuity or a service discontinuity with excellent coverage of ingot, processing (Bar, forging, forging burst, flakes castings, shrink and blow hole), welding and service discontinuities.

You may progress through the navigation free training concentrating on areas of most interest to you. Quizzes and a final exam are available but not mandatory.

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