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Technical Toolboxes - Understanding Radiographic Testing
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Understanding Radiographic Testing

Price per Unit (piece): $295.00

The Radiographic Testing (RT) training is a five and half hour training course. The student will learn the theory and principles of radiation and how they apply to the basics of radiography. There are many variables to be controlled in order to produce a high quality image. RT is one of the major volumetric methods with Ultrasonic Testing being the other. Subjects also include the development of RT techniques for a wide range of applications, handling and processing radiographic film, and the safe use of RT equipment.

Safety is of paramount concern when dealing with radiation sources and the means of monitoring and minimizing exposure is essential. Both X-ray and Gamma Ray sources are discussed along with technique development guidance.

This training is a nuts and bolts course for those interested in an introduction to the science of radiation and the processes of performing RT examinations with discussion on radiographic sensitivity, contrasts and quality.

The following areas are emphasized:

  • Principles and Types of Radiation
  • Ionization
  • Gamma Rays and Gamma Handling
  • How to Perform RT Examinations
  • Field and Camera Setup Demos
  • Techniques and Procedures to perform RT
  • Radiographic Sensitivity
  • Screens and Cassettes
  • Radiographic Contrast
  • Measuring Radiographic Quality
  • Protection Against Radiation
  • Radiation Safety Equipment
  • Radiographic Variables
  • Certification and Qualifications

You may progress through the navigation free training concentrating on areas of most interest to you. Quizzes and a final exam are available but not mandatory.

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Understanding Radiographic Testing (RT)
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