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Technical Toolboxes - Understanding Ultrasonic Testing
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Understanding Ultrasonic Testing

Price per Unit (piece): $295.00

The Understanding Ultrasonic Testing Training is a nine hour and forty-five minute course.

The Ultrasonic Testing (UT) training will provide you with the basic principles and fundamentals of ultrasound. You will learn the different techniques that are used to examine many different types of materials to discover discontinuities under the surface. You will also learn how ultrasonic thickness testing, where dimensional examinations are important, is performed. The preparing and completing of test reports and the interpretation and evaluation of test results is also presented.

A thorough overview of base materials product forms is well presented giving the learner a background on where flaws may originate due to inherent discontinuities or process discontinuities.

An overview of welding processes, welding discontinuities, weld inspection, preliminary calculations for weld inspection, and weld scanning and evaluation is included.

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Understanding Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
$295.00 per user

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